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Guests at CSC

The committee are happy for you to bring guests to the club, under the following rules:

Day guests          Not using the lake for recreation – £3.00 per Guest 8 and over No more than 3 times
Camping guests   18 years or over including use of lake with member present £3 per Day Under 18, no charge. No more than 3 times1
Overnight stay will equal 2 days, therefore: £6.00 per night
example 1 night camping for 2 adult guests =
£6 x 2 guests = £12

The full guest policy is here CSC Guest Policy

To comply with our insurance and health & safety please ensure all visitors are signed in to the online visitor’s book in the membership portal.

Guest contributions should be left in a sealed envelope (provided) and posted into the box or in the cash tin with the galley duty.

If you wish to discuss bringing a group of visitors to the club, please make an application to the committee in advance by emailing in advance.

Any Regular Guests can be made ‘Add ons’. Contact the membership secretary for further information

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