The clubhouse at the top end of the lake was built in 1985. It has been extended a couple of times since. In 2006 a questionnaire was issued to investigate the possibility of taking out a loan and building an extension. Surprisingly the membership voted against any extension until sufficient funds could be saved up from the clubs income.

Each Sunday and on selected special occasions, there is a duty crew who use the kitchen to provide tea, cakes and chocolate.

It is the duty of the OOD to provide the fresh milk and cakes (reimbursed from the takings).

The supplies for this are stored in a locked cupboard. Only committee members hold keys for the galley cupboard.

The galley is only normally open on a Sunday.  However, when it is not open you are welcome to use the kitchen – please clean up after you. 

 A small amount of Tea, coffee and squash is left out for members to use during the week.


If the showers are cold then either the water heater is not working, advise a member of the committee or the maintenance crew. A common problem is that the hot water runs out, possibly because children have been in the showers running off all the hot water! Using up the water is antisocial, so try to keep your shower to a minimum duration.