Membership Fees

2024 Membership runs from January 1st 2024 to March 31st, 2025 (15 Months) to enable the renewal period to be moved away from the Christmas Holidays in 2025 onwards

ItemCost(2024- 15 months)
Family Membership£300.00
Single Person Membership£162.00
‘Village’ Non-Sailing Membership£120.0
Joining Fee£125.00
late Renewal Fee£30

Berth Charges

BerthCost(2024- 15 months)
Single Berth Boat Park A£75.00
Tandem Berth £112.00
Single Berth Boat Park B£50.00
Single Berth Boat Park C£50.00
Oppie Berth£37.50

Other Charges

ItemCost(2024- 15 months)
Boat Sticker£2.00
Car Sticker£2.00
FINE – Non-Duty Attendance£150.00