Pre-Regatta Briefing 2022

Regatta 2022 is almost upon us, and your committee has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to plan and prepare everything to give members the best week we can.

We have an extensive schedule of racing to suit everyone, from juniors, to novices, double handers, and experienced racers. Everyone is encouraged to come and take part. There will be prizes for all the racing, so come along and join in. If you won a trophy last year, please can we ask they are returned and placed in the box in the clubhouse.

As well as the racing, we have some brilliant social events planned which everyone is invited to attend. These include a Mardi Gras themed opening night, afternoon tea and Pimm’s after the Rose Bowl, a junior BBQ and talent show, as well as our 50th anniversary party with a performance by our favourite Vince Freeman. Members are welcome to join in as much or as little as they want.

A more detailed explanation of each social event in the ‘Socials’ section of this briefing.

You can also see the full schedule for the week below.

There is a lot of information to share with members about the regatta, but please do take time to read so you know what is happening and what is expected of all members attending so we can have the best week possible.

Virtual Noticeboard:

To improve communication to members during the week, we will be using WhatsApp to run a virtual notice board. This will allow us to inform members of any important information such as any changes to race times, social event start times or gaps in the duty roster which we need to fill.

Only those with admin permissions will be able to post in the chat to keep posts to a minimum. However, if you need any information shared, or want to reply to a message (such as to fill a duty) you can message one of the group admins (you will see the admins of the chat are marked in the participant list on the chat).

Members can join the WhatsApp chat by scanning the QR code or click the link below:

Regatta Duties:

To enable the regatta to run smoothly we need members to help us run the week.

To ensure this happens, all members over the age of 18 attending the regatta are required to do ONE racing duty in the afternoon, between Monday – Friday.

There are on the water duties (RO, ARO, SBH, SBC) and galley duties. We ask that those who are physically capable sign up to on the water duties first so the galley duties are left for those who are less able to get on a safety boat/committee boat.

For each race we have 2 ARO duties. So, if you aren’t confident enough to do RO or would like to gain experience for RO duties, these are a perfect opportunity to learn as we do need more members trained as RO. Whether you are a racer or not, it is a great way to learn the RO role and racing at CSC.

We also ask all those attending the regatta over the age of 18 to do ONE cleaning or social duty. There are cleaning duties in the AM and PM for the changing rooms and club house to choose from. We will have a lot of members using the facilities over the week, so keeping on top of the cleaning is essential for everyone’s enjoyment of the facilities.

Weekend racing will be covered by the normal annual scheduled duty crews. However, we are still in need of a RO for Saturday 20th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August. If you haven’t done an annual duty and feel you could do your annual duty on one of these day, please let Ellen Clancy know via email to

Each day, there will be a member of the committee acting as OOD and this will be displayed in the clubhouse and on the virtual noticeboard. They are there to help if there are any issues or if you need any advice.


Racing is a big part of regatta, but it is important that all sailors abide by the rules of racing and display good sportsmanship, so the racing is fair and enjoyable for all. Some important things to remember are:

  • Please be considerate towards the race officer, they are members just like you and trying their best! Treat them how you would expect to be treated yourself!
  • Recording your own time on your watch and making a note of your own lap numbers can be very helpful for resolving any errors or issues after the race.
  • If you infringe a rule, make sure you do your penalty turns as soon as reasonably possible.
  • No pumping – remember rule 42: “Except when permitted in rule 42.3 or 45, a boat shall compete by using only the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease her speed. (For example: an aggressive roll tack in light air and flat water that gives a short few second burst of speed would infringe rule 42).
  • Where possible sort disagreement out on the water, but if you can’t, don’t let it ruin your race. Arbitrations or protests can be carried out after a race where necessary to resolve any disagreements on rule infringements.
  • If you are a novice and unsure of the rules, there is red and white hazard tape in the clubhouse which you can tie onto your boat (somewhere where its visible) so other racers know you are a novice and may not know the rules that well, and to give you more time and room at a buoy or when passing.
  • If you are unsure of the rules, please take some time to learn the basics. There is a great webpage which gives a great explanation of the most important rules:

Junior Racing:

If you have a junior under the age of 18 taking part in the junior races, you must do a morning duty during the junior race for them to qualify in the series.

If you have a junior aged between 18 and 21, and racing in the juniors, it’s between you and your junior to decide who does the duty.

Without help from the parents/carers of the junior section, the junior racing just won’t be able to happen.

We welcome help from any members with these races, but these duties do not count as your regatta racing duty.


Opening Party – Saturday 20th

– To kick of CSC regatta 2022, we have our opening night party, with a Mardi Gras Carnival theme. Come along in your costumes, masks, bright colours, headpieces, and glitter to celebrate.

– We have a Samba band performing from 7:30-8:30pm, who are then running a workshop from 8:30-9:30pm. There will also be photobooth props for pictures in the clubhouse.

– We have our CSC bar open in the clubhouse selling beer, cider and cocktails, at very good value prices, and your first drink is free!

– There will also be a face painter at the clubhouse doing Mardi Gras style face paint in the early evening to add that extra touch to your costume.

Afternoon Tea– Sunday 21st

After watching or taking part in the Rose Bowl, come and join us at the clubhouse for Scones and Pimm’s.

Rounders and Bonfire – Sunday 21st

– Rounders will start in the large camping field roughly around 7:30pm. Encouraging all members, seasoned rounders players or newcomers to join in!

– Following the recent hot weather, a large bonfire wouldn’t be sensible due to the risk of fire spreading. If it is possible, we will hold a small fire at the end of the camping spit, off the ground, at dusk.

Night Sail – Monday 22nd

– The night sail returns! Decorate yourself and your boats with lights and join us in the boat park at dusk. Fairy lights will be available to buy at retail price at the clubhouse during the day.

– Please let us know if you’d be able to help provide safety boat cover for the evening (you’ll get a great close up view!).

Quiz night – Tuesday 23rd

– Michelle Williams has kindly volunteered to run the quiz night, starting at 7:30pm in the clubhouse and conservatory. Bring a team or come along solo and join in.

Junior BBQ and Talent Show – Wednesday 24th

– Start preparing your acts, brush off your violin and magicians hat, and join us for CSC’s 2022 regatta talent show on Wednesday evening. No matter your talent, we would love to see it, and we encourage all those not performing to come along and support at 8pm.

– To get all the juniors together before the talent show, we are having a junior only BBQ at 6:30pm. Parents are welcome to supervise very​ young juniors, but we hope to encourage all juniors to sit and eat with new friends.

– The BBQ will be free of charge but sign up is required via a sheet in the clubhouse. We will also have a lucky dip for you to try your luck at. We invite all parents and other members to re-join us at 8pm for the talent show!

50th Anniversary Party with Vince – Thursday 25th

– To open the night, we are burying our 50th anniversary time capsule at 7:30pm outside the clubhouse. Notecards will be available if you wish to write a note to the future.

– We also have the bar back open for beer and cocktails, and Vince Freeman our live singer will start performing at 8pm. Come along to celebrate the past 50 wonderful years of CSC.

Film night – Friday 26th

– There will be a screening of a U rated film at 6:30pm and a 12 rated film at 8:30pm in the clubhouse. The choices for each film will be up in the clubhouse during the week for your vote.

– We will also be serving pizza and popcorn for £2 per junior attending the film night. A sign-up sheet for food will be posted in the clubhouse, you must sign up by 12pm on Thursday 25th.

Triathlon – Saturday 27th

– We are running (swimming and cycling) the triathlon on Saturday evening with prizes up for grabs. As previously, you can enter individually or as a team, and there will be separate junior and adult categories.

– For juniors a swim across the front of the clubhouse, from jetty to slipway, a cycle around to the end of the camping area and run back to the clubhouse. For adults, a swim to buoy 1 and back, two laps of the lake cycling, and one lap running.

Prizegiving – Sunday 28th

– The prizegiving for juniors and adults, summer and regatta trophies will start at 7pm. Please come along to support on our final night of the week.

– Every junior who qualifies for a series will get a bag of chocolates

Extra Junior activities

– Kate Storey has kindly offered to run junior crafts from 1-2:30pm on Saturday, Wednesday, and Friday in the clubhouse. Do come along to make Mardi Gras masks, artwork and much more.

– The waterslide will be out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, weather dependant.

Regatta Tabs:

Tabs for the galley will be available again this year. However, we have introduced a slight change so that tabs can be managed more efficiently.

To open a tab, members will need to pay a deposit of £20. At the end of the week, if you have not spent all the £20, the difference will be returned to you. If during the week your tab exceeds £20, you will be asked to pay a further £20 deposit to continue your tab.

If you would like to open a tab (or to pay for a tab extension), you will need to do so with Ellen Clancy, Kate Harper or Bea Johnson and will not be able to do so with the galley. We will advertise times at the beginning of the week when we make ourselves available to open tabs.

Campfires and Open fires:

Due to the extreme weather conditions and the very real risk of fire, all open fires (including disposable BBQ’s) are banned until further notice. Only gas BBQs are allowed, but even with these, members are asked to exercise extreme caution and cook off the ground.

The committee will advise members when this ban can be lifted. Hopefully, we may have some rain in the lead up to the regatta!

Camping Rules:

Members will be able to arrive to set up camp for the regatta from 8am on Thursday 18th August. You will NOT be allowed onto site before this time. A committee member will be on site to open the gates at 08:00.

For members’ and guests’ safety, and due to the extreme weather conditions, that have increased the risk of fire significantly, all camping units are to be parked or erected a minimum of 6 metres from neighbouring units. The extremity is to include parked vehicles, awnings, and pup tents. All vehicles must be parked so that they can be moved swiftly at short notice in an emergency. Cars should be parked so that they can be driven away swiftly without having to be reversed.

Please see the full camping rules included with this Y&Y.

Additional reminders for members:

  • Charging of electric vehicles at the clubhouse is NOT permitted. There are charging points locally at the Cirencester Tesco if you need to charge your vehicle.
  • If you need to charge or use personal electrical items in the clubhouse (i.e., hair dryers, mobile phones, using over/cooker), we ask members to donate towards the cost due to increasing utility costs (suggested £1 per day). Please record your donation in the tab file and pop the money in the galley till.
  • If members need to plug camping fridges in, this can be done in one of the containers in the boat park (again, we ask for a donation towards the electric).
  • Dogs must be kept on leads in and around the clubhouse and must not be allowed into the kitchen area.
  • To ensure we do not cause any nuisance to our neighbours, please ensure noise is kept to a minimum after 11pm.