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Cleaning Materials All cleaning materials can be found either under the kitchen sink or in the galley cupboard.
Floors Sweep and wash the floors throughout the clubhouse.
Carpet Hoover the carpet.
Surfaces Wipe down tables, worktops, window sills and walls below windows where there are muddy footprints.
Toilets Clean toilet bowls in ladies and gents and if needed.Check and refill toilet rolls if necessary, spare ones are kept in the disabled toilet. Spare soap is kept in galley cupboard.
Wash Basins Clean all the washbasins.
Showers Clean showers and mirrors, leave shower curtains open to dry.

Extra Cleaning Check list

If it is quiet there are additional cleaning jobs below which can be done anytime during the day. These are not a requirement of your duty but will be appreciated.


KitchenClean the cooker, fridge, microwave and cupboards
WindowsClean windows in and out
BinsClean kitchen bins and recycling bins inside and out
Blue MatsTake the blue mats outside and give them a scrub
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