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End of Day (Inside)

Bins Emptied
  • Empty the bins. Bin bags in drawer by sink (spare bags in galley cupboard) . Two large industrial wheelies are situated by main gate.
  • Ensure that general waste and recycling waste are put in the correct bins. Black bin bags must never be used in the recycling bin.
Clubhouse Cleaning

The clearing up will generally start about 5 – 5.30pm. All of the duty crew are expected to help and stay until the job is done. See separate cleaning check list

Galley Tidy All galley stock put away, fridge emptied of stock. A small quantity of milk can be left. Leave the Microwave door open
Switch off utilities
  • Ensure all electric plugs in the kitchen are switched off and that the gas cooker is all switched off. The electric switchover the back door needs to be left on.
  • Leave the radio plug on.
  • It is standard practise to leave the Gas boiler on full time, so this shouldn’t need to be touched.
Stack chairs Check that all the plastic chairs are stacked in a corner. Leave a pathway to phone
Secure windows
  • Secure all windows including the ones in the conservatory.
  • The small windows in the changing rooms are fine to be left open.
  • Leave the doors between the conservatory and the clubhouse open.
Secure Clubhouse All external patio doors and front door must be locked at the end of the day.
Handover Keys to be handed back to a committee member for storage in the safe
Sand Pit Check the sandpit for debris and ensure the cover is put back over.
Lock gates It isn’t necessary to be the last person to leave in the summer; people will often stay on for BBQ’s etc.
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