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Start of Day (Inside)

Log in online Welcome, please sign in on-line. (Left hand PC on the race table.)
Switch on electricity Switch on the electricity if it is off – you can find the switch situated above the back door. Then you can fill urn in the galley (see urn instructions).
Unlock Store cupboard, Clubhouse and Boat Shed doors A member of the committee will usually arrive at 10am to open up. They will give you the keys to the galley cupboard and powerboat sheds, which are kept in the safe. Emergency phone details are in the cupboard of the disabled toilet, in case no committee member arrives by 10am.
Prepare the galley
  • The galley cupboard will contain the following Items: grey float tin (unlocked), coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags, sugar, cold drinks, sweets, crisps, pot noodles, serviettes, serving tray with lid for cakes.
  • Put a display of stock available on counter and if hot weather put a selection of choc and drinks in the fridge.
  • It is a good idea to put a jug of milk, bowl of sugar, cup containing teaspoons and a dish for used teabags on the counter.
  • The busiest times are usually after races so try and be prepared with an urn full of boiling water.
  • The duty crew can have free hot drinks all day.
Check the toilets Check that all the toilets have loo rolls – if not they are kept in the disabled loo. The key to the dispensers will be hanging on the wall in disabled toilet.
Weather Conditions Check that the weather is safe for sailing to take place
Sand Pit Prior to use remove the cover, the sand pit must be raked and left clear of rubbish – please make a note that this has been done in the OOD log.
This is a condition of the clubs liability insurance.
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