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Start of the day (Outside)

Safety BoatsOnce all the crew members have arrived unlock the boat sheds and bring out the safety boats. Have the safety boats ready ASAP. Safety boat cover is for the whole day for members who are cruising or racing. If you are unsure of anything please ask a member of the committee who answer any of your questions.
FuelAll fuel is kept in the Yellow container. Check the fuel levels in the safety boats and fill up from the green jerry cans (unleaded). If fuel is needed, advise the OOD. The nearest garage is Tesco, Cirencester. Money may be reimbursed at the end of the day from takings or by sending receipts to treasurer who will reimburse you.
Check Safety Boat KitTake the First Aid Kit (Dry Barrel) from the galley store cupboard and put one in each safety boat. They contain a basic first aid kit knife, and spare kill cord.
Take a radio with its case from the galley store cupboard for each helm. Instructions here
The safety boats should have: Paddle, Tow line, Anchor, Throw Line and Fire Extinguisher (from the galley store cupboard or sheds) Should be set up like this
Check air in safety boats and pump up if too soft, in summer you may have to release air as pressure builds up in warm sheds. There is a battery jump starter in the galley store if needed for starting any of the boats. Check tyres if they need air – do not pump up too hard.
Crew CheckSafety boat helms and crew must wear suitable clothing and buoyancy aids. This is to ensure that the crew or helm can get into the water safely in a rescue situation. If you do not believe yourself to be fit enough to do this then do not volunteer for this role.
Bosun’s LockerIf a member uses any of the club equipment they must stow it back in the locker after use, please emphasise this to the member
LaunchOnce launched, boats should be moored at the big jetty halfway down the boat park. Do not moor the boats on the pontoon in front of the clubhouse which is for children’s play.
Committee BoatFuel and Keys will need to be taken out to the Committee boat. Once there fuel up, unlock and move to a suitable start mooring position chosen by the Race officer. Check the flags and horn.
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